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Woman Finds Live Frog In Lettuce From Aldi

Something seems a bit froggy.

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Its never good when you find something in your food you didn’t expect to find. Imagine the horror finding something live and moving in said food.

Unfortunately, this happened when a woman, 37 year old Shevaugan Tolputt, who is a vegan. Shevaughan found herself in this predicament last week after buying some 39p lettuce from Aldi.

We always hear about Spiders being found in Bananas or Grapes from time to time, but never a Frog in some lettuce. Just imagine what Shevaughan felt when she went for some lettuce, probably to make that salad that all vegans can’t stop talking about, then finding a live Frog hiding there.

This is what Shevaughan had to say:


I saw something move and there was a little pair of eyes looking back at me. He was really little. I shouted to my husband and he put him in a tupperware container.

He was fine. He didn’t seem unwell. Hopefully having him in the fridge for a few hours didn’t harm him.

I’m glad that I found him and I know he’s somewhere safe. I spoke to the Aldi customer service team and they are looking into it.

As it’s an open product they do not know at what point it got into the production line. They have said they will monitor the situation.

Its great how Aldi said they would “monitor the situation”, I’m not even sure what that means. How could you monitor something like that? Just seems like a fluke accident to me.

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