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WATCH: Youtuber Recreates Iconic ‘House of Cards’ Ribs

Babish brings the BBQ to life

Credit: Netflix 'House of Cards'

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While you’ve probably finished binging the latest season of the Netflix drama by now, fear not; Youtuber ‘Binging with Babish’ is ready to fill your ‘House of Cards’ cravings.

On his channel, the Youtube-famous chef recreates and explores all the mouthwatering and intriguing foods in movies and television. ‘Binging with Babish’ has already taken on many of our favorite fictional foods, from ‘Spongebob’s’ Krabby Patty to the ratatouille from ‘Ratatouille.’

Whether you’re a fan of cooking or pop culture, ‘Binging with Babish’ is always a treat.

This week, Babish takes his expertise to ‘House of Cards,’ as he attempts to make the ribs that Kevin Spacey’s President Underwood is always pining for—in between moments of political maneuvering and sabotage, that is. Check out the video below:

If that got your mouth watering, check out the rest of his channel.

And for dessert, check out these glow in the dark donuts.

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