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VIDEO: Watch The BBQ Pit Boys Grill Up Some Smoked Whiskey Cheeseburgers

Fresh from YouTube’s top barbecue channel!

Photo credit: BBQ Pit Boys

Oh geez, the BBQ Pit Boys are at it again. The latest video from YouTube’s most popular barbecue cooking show guides viewers in how to prepare smoked whiskey cheeseburgers.

They’re exactly what they sound like: burgers marinated with shots of whiskey during the cooking process. Bob Ahlgren, the channel’s host, demonstrates his process while narrating in his trademark Southern drawl (though he’s actually from Connecticut). After about two hours of work, he’s got himself two towering meat monstrosities. Naturally, he ends the video by splitting them with his friends, calling it the “chef’s privilege.”

Who are the BBQ Pit Boys?

Ahlgren began his YouTube career in 2007. He posted a video demonstrating a recipe for grilling barbecue ribs and advertising Its production was not exactly professional, but people found it fun and appealing. Ahlgren soon quit his job at a small publishing company to run the show full-time. Ten years later, the site and show evolved into BBQ Pit Boys and gained 150 million views and 800 thousand subscribers.

Moreover, the BBQ Pit Boys are now a massive organization that has expanded into twelve thousand chapters. Many of them are scattered across all fifty states, but the organization also spans the globe, from Afghanistan from Zimbabwe. Tens of thousands of people around the world have united under a common passion for grilling.

The videos are almost certainly the cause of this popularity, especially Ahlgren’s narration. As this new video demonstrates, Ahlgren how to guide pros and newbies alike in the art of the grill. The videos break down complicated recipes into easy-to-follow steps and show how everything should look in every step. This means that even if you aren’t a Pitmaster at your local chapter, you can still eat like a Pit Boy. All you need are a little determination, an internet connection, a good smoker, and a whole lotta meat.

These boys don’t have a monopoly on good burgers. Here’s a link to an article about Salt Bae’s Kobe beef burgers (because Trill Mag can’t get enough of Salt Bae!).

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