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WATCH: Man Eats His Way Through 16 Heart Attack Sandwiches

Man risks life to try some sandwiches.

Credit: AlexEatsItAll/YouTube

A Man, for the sake of nothing really, tries sixteen individual cheesesteaks across Philadelphia. 

Alex Delany, web editor for Bon Appétit, practically risks his own life in their latest video for a sandwich. Bon Appétit is a viral food network that aims to keep people up to date with the latest trends.

Have you ever wondered where you might find the best route to a heart attack in Philadelphia? Us neither. But luckily enough someone has, and it gave us this video.

In this video, Alex Delany tries sixteen separate cheesesteaks from different places across Philadelphia. The Cheesesteak is a fast-food sandwich containing strips of beefsteak and cheese sauce on a long roll. Like I said, a one-way road to a heart attack city.

Along the way, he reviews each one looking to find the best combination of meat and cheese – if there’s such a thing. He also nicknames each stop he makes. For example: ‘The Market St. Steak’ and ‘The Professional Steak’.

Now whilst this all seems harmless and entertaining it was evident that by number nine, if not earlier the slop was getting to this poor guy. He must have loved the idea at one point, and perhaps even the food but I’m sure he doesn’t now. He probably hasn’t even looked at one since and probably never should again. The combination of red meat and dairy would give anyone the shivers if they knew its true impact on health. But I’m sure even this guy would change his stance on cheesesteaks if he watched something like the eye-opening ‘What The Health’ on Netflix.

Health issues aside, the video is a success and has reached over 200,000 views in under a week. Before this brave endeavor Delany made a similar video trying Chicago hotdogs, the guy must have an iron stomach.

Overall, this dude is either brave, ignorant or stupid but you can admire it either way. Let’s hope to see more from him in the future, if he survived those sandwiches from hell.

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