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WATCH: Gordon Ramsay Shows You How To Make The Perfect Burger

A tutorial of everything you’re doing wrong when grilling.

Public service announcement, this video will make you hungry. Gordon Ramsay plays God when it comes to making burgers, and with good reason. He has his own burger restaurant open in Las Vegas that reviewers rave about. So how do you make a good fu**ing burger?

Here’s Ramsey walking us through how he makes his famous F-Word Burger that’s well sought after at his restaurant.

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I know I have that one friend who pretends to be a grill master, but in reality, what more do average people know about grilling other than putting the meat on heat?

What shocked me most was the continuous seasoning that Gordon does. I usually hit my patties with salt and pepper one time and call it good. That’s probably why they never taste good. And what about the butter going straight onto the burger? Insane? Freshly grilled onions? Incredible. Lettuce so crisp it snaps in half? Wouldn’t even know where to buy that.

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Gordon has a way with food. You can see it in the way he handles it, talks to it and transforms it from nothing to everything you’d ever want. I know he has a bad rep for yelling at people, but damn can he make a fu**ing burger.

Next time I see anyone mindlessly flipping burgers, I might channel my inner Ramsay and scream at them that the lid must be closed to ensure less breakage of the patty. We can’t have a broken, sad patty.

If you’re one of the lucky one’s with a grill, try out this new technique and impress your friends!

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