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VIDEO: Guy Uses Drone To Pick Up Takeaway

The future of takeaways has arrived.

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One of my greatest dilemmas: I want a takeaway, but I can’t be arsed to go out and get one. One guy has solved that problem forever. If only I had a drone…

I love KFC as much, if not more than the average person. Their hot wings? Amazing. Popcorn Chicken? Hell yes. Original recipe burrito? Sign me up.

The only trouble is that my local KFC is ages away and there’s very little that will get me out of my pyjamas past 5pm, not even the promise of Kentucky Fried goodness, so my trips to the Colonels’ are few and far between.

Enter my hero: New Zealand-native Ollie Mason-Clarke. He treated himself and his girlfriend to a slap-up chicken dinner without having to leave his seat!

Provided you can get your local KFC to humour your laziness, and provided you don’t get your drone stolen, this could be a brilliant solution to KFC’s (frankly selfish) lack of delivery service.


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