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VIDEO: The ‘Chicken Connoisseur’ That’s Probably Saved 2016

“Man’s life is on the line, I ain’t got life insurance.”

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As someone born and brought up in West London, I’m all too familiar with the chicken shops that spring up around the corner almost every week. It’s also apparently a school ritual for most kids to stop at one of these shops before going home, just to have their fix of chicken and chips. However, the chicken shops that profit so much from these students might be in trouble: the ‘Chicken Connoisseur’ has arrived.

Who is this formidable-sounding person? A world-famous critic, you might think. Well, maybe a critic, and not world-famous, but trust me, that’s not too far away.

The ‘Chicken Connoisseur’

This school-going legend has taken it upon himself to do social service for all people who want good, satisfying takeaway chicken by giving the West London version of a Gordon Ramsay dressing-down, with all the local slang thrown in for good measure. He spared no expense with his criticism, branding the flavour of the chicken from the Chick King in Tottenham as “dead” and the chips as disappointing.

He even has an entire YouTube channel called ‘Chicken Connoisseur’, dedicated to his evaluations on chicken shops all around London.

Even though it’s an unusual concept, after all the disappointing/utterly horrible things that have happened this year (cough cough Trump) it’s nice to see someone bring something new, refreshing and funny to the table. Yes, pun intended.

If you want to read more about what chicken can be used for (because apparently it can be used for more than just eating) check out the perfect present for your carnivorous comrades: KFC scented candles.

And, since the slang is almost another language, there’s always Urban Dictionary to help you out. 

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