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Thugs Try To Rob Pizza Man Then Get Robbed

Ding dong, a-holes.

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We’ve all seen those TV specials about the world’s dumbest criminals, right? Well these pizza-guy-robbing thugs should have been on one of those.

First off, robbing your delivery guy is possibly the worst idea considering the dude knows where you live. He can literally bring the cops to your doorstep.

Secondly – and maybe this only applies to crime-ridden neighborhoods – if you’re packing heat, the pizza man probably is too.

Take a look at the video below. The second the screw-ups tried to rob the poor deliveryman, he pulled a gun on the group. Not only that, he ran off with their order. Oh, and he took the customers’ cellphones. The delivery guy got to have his cake and eat it too! The robbers on the other hand, got neither cake nor pizza.

Just goes to show that maybe you should be friendlier to your neighborhood deliveryman. How about a tip next time, huh?

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