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Russian Dominos Regrets Telling Customers They’ll Get 100 Free Pizzas A Year For 100 Years If They Get A Tattoo

Seems worth it..

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In one of the more obscure and poorly executed marketing campaigns I’ve seen any business pull, Domino’s Russia has bitten off more than they can chew with some pretty cheesy false promises.

The original offer from Domino’s was a window of 2 months (September-November) to get their signature blue & red domino tattooed anywhere on your body with the ink being at least 2 cm large. The problem was too many Russian people were down.. and who could blame them?

Dominos Russia was forced to shut down the campaign after just 10 days and restrict it to 350 people, but that didn’t stop an influx of Russians from getting inked.

^ TMNT x Dominos collab tattoo is dope!

I truly wonder how many Russian people are now stuck with a Dominos tattoo for life without the benefit of free pizza. Just tragic.

At least a Domino’s tattoo isn’t as intense as an Anne Frank face tattoo.

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