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Presenting Dwayne Johnson, “The Rock” and His Cheat Day Meal


Credit: Instagram/ The Rock

When you are on a diet, you have your cheat days. On my cheat days, like the holidays, I try to go all out. No one can beat Dwayne Johnson’s cheat days though. I never expected his cheat days to include so many calories, especially with all the muscle he has.

He tweeted: “Yeah so this cheat meal went down at 11:45pm last night. 8 slices of sour dough French toast topped with loads of apple pie. Sat on the couch like the big, brown, bald, tattooed glutinous version of Jabba The Hutt and watched the Force Awakens again.
It was my Christmas gift to myself and I want everyone out there to remember one of our golden rules during the holidays, “Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself”.

He sure has a way with words. His tweet is very funny. Also, as a fellow stars wars fan, I appreciate the reference.

If I ate like that on my cheat days, there is no way I would have the body I have. I actually don’t even think I could finish that much food. “The Rock” has obviously been training for a long time and knows exactly what he is doing. He probably has a huge workout, where works off plenty of those calories that he treated himself to.

Credit: Instagram / The Rock

I give Dwayne Johnson a lot of credit he works hard and he sure as hell deserved the Christmas present that he gave himself. I’m sure we all wish we could train like him. Actor and once a great wrestler, some big footsteps for anyone to try to step into.

Speaking of cool actors, here’s an article about 7 actors who are mentioned as the “coolest actors to ever grace Hollywood”.

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