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Pepsi Has Released Their New ‘Fire’ Range And People Don’t Like It

People have been losing their sh*t over this new cinnamon flavoured drink.

Image: Pepsico / Konbini

Burn baby, burn! Is exactly what you will  be saying after you’ve tried the limited edition flavor of Pepsi: Pepsi Fire.

Considering that summer is right around the corner, do you want to have your body and taste buds on fire?!

For those of you wondering what the ruckus is about, on May 11th Pepsi made an  attempt to pull itself up from the deep abyss the company fell into, after the uproar about Kendall Jenner’s “controversial” commercial  by introducing their new Pepsi flavor, but unfortunately this attempt was just another flop.

In fact, some have even compared the taste to a mixture of whiskey and cinnamon.

This fire flavor is supposed to have the cool taste of cola with just a hint of cinnamon flavor. But in all actuality what you pay for is the experience of doing the cinnamon challenge. In addition to a cool liquid sensation rolling down your burning windpipe.

Also people are on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter  recounting their Fireball whiskey hangover due to the similar taste of Pepsi Fire. Not exactly the best reminiscent moment.

All in all, Pepsi couldn’t have said it any better.

Pepsi Fire

Photo Credits: Twitter

And of course, the word “hottest” brings all of the cringe  worthy connotation one could possibly  imagine.

However, don’t take my word for it. Go out and try Pepsi Fire for yourself and be the judge. Do you gag or have flashbacks from a Fireball whiskey hangover?

If you thought that Pepsi Fire was an obscure soda flavor, check out this pickle flavored soda.

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