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One Million Calorie Lasagna: It’s A Thing

Lactose-Intolerant friends, look away!

Ever get a heart attack just looking at a picture? No? Okay, take a look at this one million calorie lasagna then. Great, now you can cross that off your bucket list.

The YouTube channel Epic Meal Time is pretty famous for its insane culinary creations. Can’t really say they all look particularly appetizing, but to each their own, I suppose.

The lasagna, as said, is actually 1,000,000 calories in total—(they did the math, and lots of it). It has everything a lasagna should (and then some) to meet the calorie requirement: ground pork, over 100 packs of bacon, giant slabs of handmade pasta, entire wheels of cheese, lard

You know what, just check out the video for yourself:

Just looking at it gives me heartburn and a stomachache. What will they come up with next…?

If you want to see more insane foods, then check out this chili pepper that has more heat than a California Reaper!

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