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New Oreo Cadbury Combo Is Chocoholic Heaven!

I know it’s just more sugar…

I know it's just more sugar...

Now we all like a bit of chocolate now and again. And for some of us Oreos are our go to snack to scratch that chocolatey itch. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. Even bringing out new flavours hasn’t made it a bad decision to reach for that foil wrap at the end of a long work day. But I can’t help feeling they’ve taken it too far this time…

Yes. They’ve done it again. Just when we all thought they couldn’t possibly make an Oreo more unhealthy. Well, just take a look at this:

Now it hasn’t gone for worldwide release yet (only starting down under). But you can bet anything they’ll push this one through asap. What a money spinner it’ll be. Two cocoa giants fusing to make the ultimate guilt trip.

I tell you now though, stoners the world over are recoiling. For a corporation has assembled munchies many of them have been combining for years now. They’ve stolen the genius original idea that many a baked person has had at 2 in the morning, whilst high as a kite.

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