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Must-Try: Belgium Waffles Await You in Japan

I need to eat this ASAP.

Belgian waffles in Japan
Credit: Travel Thirsty/YouTube

I’ve never had a Belgian Waffle, but it will be from Japan if I ever do.

I really never have tried before so I don’t have much of a reference point. But this layered treat made by a street food vendor in Japan has got to be the best of all time. Belgian waffles also known as ‘Manneken waffles’ are delightful sweets loved by many.

Known for their crispy exterior and fluffy interior, Manneken waffles are often infused with unique local flavors such as matcha, red bean paste, or seasonal fruits. Typically sold from street stalls or small shops, they are a favorite grab-and-go treat among locals and tourists. Whether enjoyed on a bustling Tokyo street or a quiet Kyoto alley, Manneken waffles have become more than just a dessert—they embody a cultural exchange, offering a moment of culinary discovery and shared joy for those who appreciate their simple yet delightful taste.

Where did Manneken Waffles Originate From?

The name “Manneken” embodies the whimsical spirit of Brussels’ iconic Manneken Pis statue, reflecting the playful essence these snacks bring. They feature a light, fluffy interior, and crispy exterior, crafted from a batter of flour, eggs, milk, and butter. In Japan, Manneken waffles adapt to local tastes, blending sweet and savory ingredients. This fusion of Belgian tradition and Japanese creativity expands their popular flavor profiles among locals and tourists.

Experience the art of crafting these waffles and explore the array of unique flavors they offer in this video.

The video is 15 minutes long and I promise each second is just as satisfying as the previous. This place truly deserves a “Voted Best in the World” banner hanging outside the place.

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