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McDonald’s Are Releasing A Vegan burger

Finally McDonald’s are stepping up their game!

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Fast food chain McDonald’s are releasing a vegan burger. The world famous will become the first fast-food retailer to introduce a vegan-friendly burger.

The ‘Veggie McSpice’ is a red kidney bean patty with spicy cumin and cayenne pepper seasoning. It does, however, come with cheese but, as we all know, off with the cheese and its a vegan burger. Sorted.

Unfortunately, it’s only available in Norway at the minute, and the UK doesn’t have a vegan specific menu. Countries like South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and Hong Kong are all ahead of the game, so hopefully, the UK get their heads straight. However;

There are no plans to have approved vegan food on our menu. However, we do serve the following items that are suitable for people on a vegan diet: French Fries, Hash Browns, Oatso Simple with Sugar or Strawberry Jam, Garden Side Salad, Fruit Bag and Carrot Sticks.

A number of our sauces are also suitable for vegans: Heinz Tomato Ketchup, Spicy Tomato Salsa, Sweet Chilli Sauce, BBQ Dip, Sweet & Sour Dip and Sweet Curry Dip.

The Veggie Patty served in our Spicy Veggie Sandwich, Wrap and Vegetable Deluxe has been approved by the Vegetarian Society and contains no animal derivatives. The patties are cooked in 100% vegetable oil in separate vats to our chicken and fish products. The sauce served in these menu items does contain free range eggs so would not be suitable. You are welcome to order your food without the sauce, just let your server know when placing your order.

Just look at all these satisfied McDonald’s customers:



Happy customers indeed….well, almost…

For another awesome story, check this out!

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