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London to Ban Fast Food Around Schools

Great idea.

Great idea.

Children in London are hopefully going to have to walk farther to get to the fast-food restaurants they know and love soon. According to a study, “nearly 40 percent of children are obese or overweight by the time they finish high school”. They are banning all restaurants that wanted to build their locations 400 meters from a school area. Will the trek to get fast food become exercise for the children or will banning the establishments curb the appeal since it is farther away?

It is easier for a family to go out to fast food than it is to cook- not to mention it’s convenient as well. The children are paying for the convenience with the fat content in their developing bodies. It is stated that 1 in 5 families now choose fast food options at least once a week in America.

This seems like a great idea to fight childhood obesity but it has shown that “in South LA, fast-food chains are barred from opening completely. However, reports show the ban has had little effect on combatting poverty or poor health in the community as intended.”.

This does not mean that the existing chains will be shut down- they will remain open at a staggering amount. This ban is a great opportunity to eat healthier but in the mean time try to stay healthy at McDonald’s by hopefully trying their vegan burger.

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