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KFC Introduces Chicken And…Mac & Cheese Breakfast Bowl

Finger lickin’ good just got a whole lot better.

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Once in a while, we all love a savory omelet or stack of pancakes to start off our mornings. But if you’re looking to up your first-meal-of-the-day game, look no further than KFC Malaysia. The chain recently introduced a monster of a breakfast option to their menu.

Breakfast is considered by many to be the most important meal of the day. Consuming wholesome and energizing foods upon waking up has numerous health benefits. Does pasta combined with fried chicken count as a nutritious start? KFC Malaysia thinks so!

The new breakfast menu item contains a bowl of mac & cheese slathered in nacho cheese sauce then topped with mini pieces of zesty fried chicken. While it sounds delicious, it seems like a meal fit only for The Rock. The rest of us would gain five pounds of fat from merely smelling the dish. Just look at this mouthwatering goodness though. Hard to resist!

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This menu item would be perfectly acceptable with no questions asked except for the fact that it’s only available on the breakfast menu. Why not feature the cheesy meal all day long? We did not even know people ate mac & cheese for breakfast. You learn something new everyday.

For now you can only get this impressive bowl in Malaysia. If there’s enough craze about it, however, maybe it will soon come to your local KFC!

Can’t wait until KFC rolls its new creation to the US? Take a look at some other mouthwatering fast food breakfasts already available in America. 

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