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IKEA Sells Chocolate Easter Bunny You Assemble Before Eating…Classic

Typical IKEA, always making us work before we enjoy.

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What is the best part about Easter? While there are many wonderful aspects about the holiday, we guess that most people would argue the candy is the moment for which they’re waiting. Who can resist Reese’s eggs or pastel-colored M&Ms? On second thought, those life-size chocolate bunnies are definitely the way to go. IKEA thinks so too this year.

If you’ve been to IKEA, you know that the furniture store does food (no, that’s not a typo) very well. Even if you’ve never gone inside the maze that is IKEA, you’ve probably heard of their to-die-for Swedish meatballs and potatoes. This spring, IKEA is hopping (pun intended) on the Easter-themed train and launching a new food item in its in-store market.

Taking inspiration from its own furniture collection, the store has created a flat-pack chocolate Easter bunny that you must assemble pre-devouring. Dubbed VÅRKÄNSLA, the chocolate animal will only cost about $3.60 – plenty cheap enough to buy several!

Much like the home goods sold at the Swedish retailer, the bunny comes in separate pieces. Although you could technically eat each piece by itself without ever building the creature, what’s the fun in that? Where is your IKEA spirit? Unlike the furniture, however, the rabbit looks much easier to assemble. Result: you’ll actually be able to take advantage of your new purchase soon after buying. You’ve roped us in once again, IKEA marketing!

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The chocolate bunny is now available in most stores. We all know IKEA does food right. And considering the retailer is Swedish-inspired and Sweden happens to be the chocolate capital of the world, you know this will be the good stuff.

Want to really go all out with your IKEA obsession? The store recently released a cookbook.

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