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Have a Cuppa With Your Pup: PG Tips Launches Tea For Dogs

This is paw-some!

Credit: PG Tips

Ever fancied sitting down for a cuppa with your dog? Well, now you can. In anticipation of international dog day, which fell on 26 August, PG Tips have created a tea that is suitable for our furry friends.

Made in partnership with Woof & Brew, English Breakwoof is the tea your dog may (or may not) have been waiting for. The tea is available at the price of £9.99 per box. Each box contains 10 teabags for dogs as well as 40 for their owners, but don’t worry they’re definitely different!

Unlike the often milk and sugar-filled human brew which we wouldn’t share with beloved family pets, the dog-friendly tea bags are perfectly safe for them to consume. 

They are made up of a blend of dandelion, burdock, seaweed, nettles, flax, and rubbios. Rest assured they contain no caffeine or preservatives to keep them up all night. Tea should not be served hot for dogs, and so it saves time to infuse the teabags with lukewarm rather than hot water.

The reason why these tea bags were made is in support of the campaign #CuppaWithYourPuppa, which aims to raise money for the Support Dogs charity. Support Dogs charity trains assistance dogs to help those with epilepsy, autism, and physical disabilities and 100% of the profits made are being donated to this worthy cause.

Danny Anderson, one of the fundraising managers at the charity told The Independent : ‘ As with many small charities, the last 18 months have been horrible for fundraising. Our income dropped by 40 percent.’
Credit: @pgtips/ Instagram

‘To have the support of other companies, especially one like PG Tips, is amazing. Aside from the donations, it will help create awareness of organizations like ours which aren’t able to get their names out their as easily.’

Putting forward the somewhat light-hearted side of the campaign, Charlotte Riley who is the marketing manager at PG Tips commented that: ‘English Breakwoof means that pups no longer need to feel left out when their owners are relaxing with a cup of tea.’

These innovative tea bags are only available for a limited time and so if they solve your niche but valid problem of wanting to include your pet in your morning brew you will need to act fast!

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