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This Harambe Looking Cheeto is Being Sold for an Unbelievable Amount

This is crazy!

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Insanity and obsession, are too examples of how this could actually happen. I am still stunned at how people manage to think of things like this, and make a crazy amount of money off it. I mean it has happened before with bread that resembles Jesus or Mary. Well, now we have a Cheeto the looks like the gorilla, Harambe.

That’s right someone found this Cheeto and decided to sell it on eBay labeled,‘Rare Gorilla Hot Cheeto – 2017 Harambe’. People did bid on it, as crazy as it seems. It gets crazier, the highest bid was nine hundred and twenty dollars! Talk about a good way to make a lot of money really quick. I wonder what this person’s friends are saying about his idea now.

Credit: eBay

Usually posts like this are confirmed to be a hoax, but not this time. This one has real bids on it. Somebody really loved Harambe and wanted that Cheeto. It kinda makes you think that this person must have a lot of money just lying around, to go and spend almost a thousand dollars on a Cheeto. Well, we would hope that have a lot of money. Anybody that is looking to make big bucks quick, start looking in those Cheeto bags!

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