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Is This The Greatest Bacon Ever Made?

Gather up your tongs!

Shock Mansion

Watch as this awesome Aussie breaks it down for us step by step how to make the perfect bacon. It will take you at least a week so you’d better be a committed bacon addict to get this made! If this video doesn’t get you chomping at the bit, then you’re either crazy or vegetarian! (honestly one is more acceptable than the other in my book…)

I think the hardest part about this whole process would probably be the antagonising wait. Imagine having to sit around waiting for 7 whole days to dig into that fatty, salty glory. I don’t know if I could do it. Although it would probably be worth it for that salivating reward!


What a way to reward yourself after all that work. The cure looks easy to do and the smoking shouldn’t be too hard either, get on it bacon fiends! Also, make sure to check out this guy on YouTube as he has loads more awesome foodie content, including how to spit roast a whole pig!

Not had your fill of BBQ? Get your teeth round ‘House of Cards’ ribs!

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