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Girl Waits For Two Hours And Ends Up Receiving The Worst Vegan Meal Ever!

Girl receives terrible vegan meal!

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Girl receives the laziest attempt at a vegan meal EVER!

Veganism has been on a rise thanks to social media exposure and the start of vegan communities.  It has also lead to many creative and tasty looking dishes. While many see veganism as eating leaves, time and time again has shown how diverse different vegan meals can be.

Nonetheless, it is still difficult to eat out while vegan in many places, as meals with meat, and dairy comprise most menus. For vegans, restaurants that include vegan options are safe haven, especially when in the company of non vegans.

For one girl, Taylor Mooney, it was a complete shock when she received the vegan meal she had ordered at a German restaurant in California. She was visiting Kathrin’s Biergarten for father’s day.

She posted pictures of her meal on Twitter. It was two bread slices and inside were a couple of baby carrots and green beans. “Veggie Pretzel Bun” was the meal option Taylor picked out. It was described as a “pretzel bun sliced and filled with veggies.”

In an interview with UNILAD, Taylor explained how things went down:

“This new German restaurant opened and its really rare so we were all super excited to go, especially me because they advertised themselves as being vegan and vegetarian friendly.

I was with my whole extended family and had a private room. Someone’s food came out after a little over an hour and no one else’s came out for at least another half hour so by that time he was already done eating so it was really bad customer service anyways.

Our server was wearing grey sweatpants and a messy bun and it was really weird.

My meal was so dry I had to drown it in mustard and sauerkraut. When I actually started eating it was so gross. Crunchy vegetables on dry bread does not go at all – it’s such a weird texture!”


She continued: 

“I was also the only one who didn’t get a side. Everyone else had massive plates with tons of food on it and mine came out with just this and it was the saddest looking thing and all our jaws dropped and then we started laughing at it because we were expecting so much more.

Some of the other meals people got had things like lettuce and onion on them and I didn’t get either of those.”

Her eating out experience was terrible and frankly, it shows that dining for vegans has still a long way to go!

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