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Dream Job Alert: Get Paid To Eat Doritos!

Doritos lovers rejoice!

Image Via: Time Magazine

Who said you couldn’t love Doritos and get paid for it?

Well to whoever said that, you’re wrong. Doritos UK is looking for the Doritos ultimate superfan. This superfan will not only get free chips for a year, but will also make $25,000(£18,000). The only responsibilities are basically attending meetings, eating Doritos, and preaching the brand to friends and family, and basically anyone you meet. You can see more about the responsibilities below.


Image Via: JOE

“So you’re telling me…that I can just eat some Doritos, and get paid for it?”

Why yes! Yes I am telling you that. This is probably the best food tester related job yet because most of them involve too much alcohol or very little compensation. The chip company is basically offering an almost full time salary for just eating their products and going to a few meetings. I’d say that’s a pretty bold deal (see what I did there? Because Doritos Bold…yea ok, never mind).

Ready to fill out the application? Here it is! But be warned, the application questions are a little harder than you would expect. If you think you can answer questions about what new Doritos flavor you would invent, and how you would sell it to them, then this is the right job for you! Also, you have to tell them what the boldest thing you would do for Doritos is in only 140 characters. I hope you’re a twitter user, otherwise you might have a hard time with the character count. Regardless, this seems like a fun and delicious job that anyone who is interested in should apply for.

But if the massive consumption of alcohol is more your speed, here’s a job that might be for you.

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