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This Chicken Based Pizza Looks Insanely Bad For You

But it probably tastes f*cking great.

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Ever wanted to have the chicken on your pizza inside the crust instead? Well, this is definitely the pie for you then! The guys over at Quality Italian in New York have created a fried chicken crust special. The base is ground chicken deep fried and on top is your classic margherita. It’s a heart attack made in heaven.

I dunno whether I want to eat it that badly though. Take a look for yourself:

Right, I’ve changed my mind. I don’t care if my arteries are nothing but cholesterol afterwards, I need to try this thing. We all love pizza, and fried chicken is up there alongside bacon as a foodstuff crafted by the gods. That three cheese topping looks glorious as well.

I guess the only issue for us Brits now is the 3,500 miles of open ocean between us and that delicious, bowel ruining meal. Food tourism is always the best excuse to travel anywhere right? Although, I’m not sure if my student loan can cover a return to JFK…

This is a message to all you Americans in the New York area. Hit this place up, tell me what it’s like. I wanna live vicariously through you guys!

While I negotiate a larger overdraft, why don’t you guys throw away your flatpacks and get on IKEA’s newest convenience!

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