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This Brewery Will Let You Swim In Pools Of Beer

Don’t forget your swim trunks!

Don't forget your swim trunks!

Ever wanna take a dip in your favorite alcoholic beverage? Well, take note, beer lovers! There’s a brewery in Austria where you can swim in a pool of beer!

At the Schloss Starkenberger brewery in Tarrenz, visitors can enjoy a nice swim in one of seven special baths or “Das Bierbad” for just £200. Heavy price tag, but it’s worth it.

The beer pools are located within a 700-year-old castle venue. The brewery’s owners converted the castle’s old fermentation rooms into a swimming facility. Modern brewing technology made the rooms obsolete, but we’re not complaining now, are we? Each pool measures in at about 13 ft in length. In total, the pools contain about 42,000 pints of beer. (Bathing only, though. You wouldn’t want to drink this beer… It’s… not exactly cleaned after each dip. Minor setback, I suppose?)

You can, however, order fresh, drinkable beer delivered poolside! The brewery offers 13 different brews.

Not only is it just conceptually awesome idea, but according to the team behind Schloss Starkenberg, a dip in the beer pool is good for your skin, and can help with issues like psoriasis and open wounds. Sounds like a pretty good deal (if it’s true).

So how about it? Up for a £200 swim in a 700-year-old castle? But, better hurry up; the pools are gaining popularity fast. Gonna have to book far in advance, but it does seem worth it, doesn’t it?

If you think swimming in your own beverage is lazy, check this out! Montenegro Is About To Crown The World’s Laziest Person!

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