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8000 Calorie “Parmo Kebab” Credit Requires Signed Waiver Before Eating


Picture: Facebook – The George Pub and Grill

More than four times the daily allowance of calories for women and three times for men, the 8000 calorie “parmo kebab” is a heart attack on a plate. This massive meal is available in Stockton, England at George Pub and Grill. 

The parmo is a trademark dish in Middlesborough. It is essentially a pizza cooked on top of a piece of fried chicken. Yes, it sounds gross but oh so enticing.

The parmo kebab, though, is even more insane. Two giant parmos are stuffed with beef, which brings the total count of calories of the sandwich to 8000. Because of this, the bar requires you to sign a waiver (before eating) agreeing to not sue the establishment if you have a heart attack later. But, if you begin to go into heart failure while eating, the restaurant will gladly pay for a cab to the hospital…how thoughtful!

Pub manager, Craig Harker, had this to say of the sandwich:

“If anyone has a heart attack after eating the meal, we will pay for a taxi to the hospital.

And if they do pop their clogs whilst eating it, we’ll chip in on the headstone.

The dish has gone down very, very well.

Looks can be deceiving. For example, here the sandwich looks pretty normal – but it is packed with just so many carbs.

It really only takes 10 minutes to make – so we usually get them out pretty quick.”

It is a little surprising the dish has done so well. I guess in the moment of eating people do not realize what they are doing to their bodies. But, the hellish aftermath might just be worth taking the trip to Stockton.

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