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20% Of Young People Think Everyone Will Be Vegans By 2030

So close yet so far.

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It is no secret that the Vegan movement is on the rise across the World. We could be moving towards a future with no need for animal products, but to think that this will be achieved in the next 12 years is naive.

The thought might seem daft now, but in a survey of 2000 people, conducted by ThoughtWorks, 20% of young people think that everyone will be vegan by 2030. These people, 18-24 year olds, said that the way we shop will be defined by 3 things- environmental awareness, ethics and health.

PETA’s Director of Vegan Corporate Projects- Dawn Carr- had this to say:

These young people are savvy, and they’re on to something: the United Nations has stated that a global shift to a vegan diet is necessary to combat the worst effects of climate change.

And eating vegan is as easy as rhubarb pie – almost every high-street eatery now offers tasty vegan options, and supermarkets like Iceland and Waitrose are rushing to stock innovative plant-based products.

Perhaps it’s unlikely that humans will have entirely stopped eating animals by 2030, but we can certainly say that over the next decade, millions of cows, chickens, pigs, sheep, fish, and other animals will be spared pain, suffering, and slaughter because compassionate consumers are choosing to go vegan today.

She seems excited, but more realistic about this. Maybe give more time for people to find vegans less annoying and then we’ll see.

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For more why not read this.

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