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Floyd Mayweather Is Offering $1000 For People To Diss 50 Cent On Insta

How much would you pay to diss someone?

Image Via Sick Chirpse

Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Rap Artist 50 Cent Used to be good friends, today they are lashing out at each other on Instagram.

Back in the day, boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr and rap artist 50 Cent were best friends, they connected in mid to late 2000s but money and business took a toll on their relationship. Now, the superstars are feuding on social media.

Here is the context: In 2012, Mayweather and 50 Cent joined forces in a boxing promotion company called TMT Promotions. They acquired the promotional rights to a variety of boxers including Yuriorkis Gamboa and Billy Dib. Whiles the venture had a promising start, 50 Cent and Mayweather suddenly parted the company.

50 Cent openly claimed that Mayweather owed him $2 million dollars. Mayweather went on to start his own promotional company; Mayweather Promotions, while 50 Cent’s promotional company failed. Bummer.

Since then, the two have taken part in a strange pattern of reconciliation and then vicious exchanges on social media. You would think it would be water under the bridge by this point? But nope.

Recently, Mayweather broke the peace on his Instagram.

Is this genius, is this petty? Who knows! I have not been on 50 Cent’s Instagram to see the damage, however, I am sure that Floyd Mayweather will not be wasting any time sharing the results when he gets them. I also hope he does end up paying people $1000 because that would be the cherry on the cake. Not going to lie.

How much would you guys pay to diss someone on Instagram?

For more on Mayweather and excessive spending, check out this article on how he shelled out $18 million dollars on a watch! It’s insane!

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