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Flight Attendants Reveal Things You Should Never Consume On A Plane

Flight Attendant Kat Kamalani took to her TikTok page to reveal secrets about the do’s and don’ts of ordering concessions on a plane.

Screenshot: Kat Kamalani/ TikTok

Flight Attendant Kat Kamalani took to her TikTok page to reveal secrets about the dos and don’ts of ordering concessions on a plane.

Her first advice was to never consume any drink that does not come in a can or a bottle. If the flight staff hand you a cup and you did not watch them pour your drink, odds are you should not drink it, especially if it contains a water base.

Kat explains that large water tanks are seldom cleaned on a regular basis and you are much safe knowing your plastic bottle hasn’t been opened.

Coffee and tea are also a risk because the water used to make these hot beverages comes from the same tank. In addition to unclean water, the coffee machines themselves are also not cleaned unless they are broken, in which case they are replaced.

And the coffee machines are right by the lavatories.

Lastly, Kat’s advice to all mothers traveling with toddlers is to never ask for hot water in their babies bottle.

Instead, ask for bottled water and a cup of hot water. Mix the babies milk with the bottle water and heat it up by putting the closed baby bottle in the cup of hot water.

Credit: Kat Kamalani/ TikTok

For more flight attendant secrets, you can follow Kat in TikTok (@katkamalani).

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