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Super Strength ‘Isolator’ Is Making A Comeback In The UK

Isolator is returning to the UK.

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Super Strength ‘Isolator’ Skunk Is Making A Comeback In The UK.

Isolator is sweeping the streets of the UK once again. For those who didn’t know (Me), Isolator Skunk is a type of cannabis that is deceptively powerful. First invented in Amsterdam in 2005, coffee shops and tourist attraction shave had to publish warnings about the strength of the Skunk.

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What makes Isolator different from other skunks is that the plant is removed leaving behind the crystals which are left in ice (ice-o-later). And I thought Isolater meant that it was so stronger you were isolated in your own head.

If regular skunk has a THC level in the 20’s but Isolator will hit the user twice as hard with 40% of the active ingredient according to The Metro.

I personally am not old enough to remember when Isolator was around, are any of you?

Here are some experiences and reactions to the Isolators comeback:

According to the Metro, an advertising executive stated that he tried Isolator:

‘I was given some Isolator a few weeks ago, and it blew my mind for a few hours, I lost my bag and got out of my taxi miles from home, I will not be buying any but some dealers only have that now, hopefully it is a fad, I just want a normal smoke.’

A cannabis dealer also said that the demand for Isolator has risen in Birmingham:

He Said: ‘I cannot be bothered with the whole process of making Isolator but as more people ask for it, the more I have to sell it.

‘It seems people want the strongest there is, everyone wanted Gorilla Glue skunk last year and now Isolator has made a comeback, which is strong and lasts for longer.’

Amsterdamlogue warns people about the effects of Isolator:

‘This stuff can be so strong that it’s wise to treat it a bit like eating a spacecake, in that you don’t want to just do it on a whim. You want to be prepared, and choose your location wisely.

Unlike a spacecake, Isolator does wear off in a couple of hours, so you only need to worry about your immediate future instead of half your day.

Even a pro smoker who never gets paranoid might have an extreme reaction and it’s best to control that by being in a place where you can easily go outside for a bit of a walk.’

Whilst we are not encouraging you to use any sort of drug or Isolator and Isolator may seem a bit hard hitting for average users, check out this article on how smoking cannabis is actually good for your health!

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