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The Secrets To Being A Night-Club Dealer

Insider secrets from the club dealer.

Credit: BBC

Businessman or idiot? This dude gives all his Drug Dealer secrets away to BBC3.

Somehow BBC managed to extract insider secrets from a nightclub drug dealer in this interview. The dealer, seeming like an ok guy, tells of an average night at work. He reveals how he gets in with the drugs and how he feels about the buyers.

See the Video on youtube here;

With his somewhat tragic background, the dealer explains how he got into the business. With his estate background, he explains that both his parents were absent. The mother is behind bars and the father as absent as the security at our clubs – clearly. Is it any surprise that he was tempted into this life? On the other hand of course, many have had worse-a-life and turned out much differently.

Speaking of club security, the dealer reveals that he has contacts at establishments that excuse him the pleasure of being searched. Some friends just never stop giving. Although, this guy has a serious system. He knows where his exits are, where the cameras are at the same time as blending into the crowd. He even scoffs at amateur dealers.

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The dealer does however have some understanding of why his so-called clients need him. Depression is a key factor in his business and he ensures BBC that he only wants his clients to be happy. He says he receives calls from these users in the early hours of the morning thanking him for such a good night! I’d rather have a drunk call from an ex.

Whilst he says he wants people to have the ‘ticket night of their lives I’m not sure addiction and drug abuse is the way to go.  But if this guy can make his small fortune, get on telly, and remain anonymous from the police – maybe dreams can come true.

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