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This Is The Most Professional Weed Dealer You’ll Ever Meet

I wish I was that professional.

I wish I was that professional.

There are certain jobs where taking a day off is not in the list of benefits. If you choose to be your community’s weed dealer, you are also choosing to be a slave to whenever people need a fix. And that means no holidays, no vacations, and definitely no birthdays off. 

Dealers are already rule-breakers.  So it’s not surprising when this guy sends out a very professional text message to all his customers, letting them know that he’s calling out and he’s not to be disturbed.

Hey, at least he cares enough to let everyone know so they can plan ahead and get their bud elsewhere. He could’ve easily shut his phone off and left all of you stranded. His professionalism should be respected. It’s still a career, after all.

Hopefully, he’ll recover from his hangover in time to get back to work, servicing the bud needs of his customers. Maybe you all can respond to his message by sending tips on how to recover fast enough. Help each other out, you know?

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