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Nuns Of Anarchy: Sisters Growing Marijuana

Sisters of the Valley grow and sell medical marijuana.

Photo: Shaughn Crawford & John Dubois

Sisters of the Valley grow and sell medical marijuana

Nuns typically dedicate their life to helping people in areas like teaching, hospital work, helping the poor or living a secluded life of contemplative prayer in a convent. Most nuns within the catholic religion take sacred vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. So, with all that selfless service in helping others and strict vows you could say that it isn’t much fun being nun, right?

Not if you’re part of the Marijuana growing Sisters of the Valley. Based in California the Sisters of the Valley grow then harvest marijuana to create ointments, lotions and tinctures which they then sell, whilst also having the odd 4:20 time themselves.

Photo: Josh Edelson

While the sisters may wear the traditional garments such as the habit, the two sisters known as Sister Kate and Sister Darcey that are involved in the business aren’t affiliated with the catholic church. They are religious but claim their allegiance is to a feminist ideal and to each other. Their website describes their mission as,

“(To) respect the breadth and depth of the gifts of Mother Earth, working to bridge the gap between Her and her suffering people.”

On the sisters’ website they sell potent varieties of medical grade marijuana which contain little to no THC which is the chemical responsible for getting people high. They claim the products they make are rich in cannabidiols which are believed to help combat nausea, anxiety, depression, inflammation and help supress seizures.

Photo: Shaughn Crawford & John Dubois

Photographers Shaughn Crawford and John DuBois discovered the sisters on local news and pursued a passion project to capture the work of the sisters on film. Dubois said about the project,

“People have an idea about people who grow cannabis and people may think they know about nuns, but it is in this place where the two intersect, this thin area where there is crossover, that’s interesting. That’s where we try to jump in.”

Crawford and Dubois were allowed access to the sisters’ business and took images of the sisters at work. With only one day to photograph and chat with the sisters, the photographers hope to return. Crawford said after the visit,

“These were two really interesting women, and we so enjoyed getting to hang with them,”

Let us know your thoughts and opinions on the California weed nuns in the comments below. Why not smoke up a bowl of this while you’re here….

Blaze Up: Recreational Weed Legalized in California

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