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Magic Mushrooms…The Next Treatment For Depression?

An all new study into its effects.

Of course, we all know that magic mushrooms are illegal, so I suppose first things first. Please don’t self medicate!

The scientific team that are involved in the project have a government issued license to work with the substance and already we have seen some amazing results.

A group of 19 volunteers that suffer from depression and that are treatment-resistant were given small doses of psilocybin, which is found in magic mushrooms from Canada, seven days apart.

Immediately the volunteers started to see and feel a difference. A difference that lasted up to 5 weeks in some patients.

A scan was then taken of each patients brain showing that the drug had re-set a central part of the neural circuits in the brain, those that are known to play a part in depression.

Those who took part in the study said they felt better and some how rebooted. Many of them going on to use more computer references.

Dr Robin Carhart-Harris, leader of the project and the first scientists to test LSD on humans in over 40 years, has claimed that the drug is the ‘kick-start’ people need to help them out of their depression.

However although this all does sound very promising trials are far from over. I don’t imagine this treatment will be hitting the public anytime soon, although set to take place next year are trails testing psilocybin against the leading antidepressant drug.

Check out the study “psilocybin for treatment-resistant depression” that was published in the scientific Journal on Nature.

Or let Dr Carhart-Harris explain himself.

We really are moving on fast next stop colonising Mars?

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