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Free Weed Offered As Incentive For Citizens Who Keep Their City Clean

Is it your city?

Small time business owner Dennis Meehan just found a way to keep the streets clean for good.

As a collaborative effort to keep his town of Gardiner free of debris and litter, Meehan has used his marijuana shop to promote community service. It’s quite simple: Present your trash, claim your cash (crop). Meehan explains the process:

“Bring us back the full trash bag, and we give them a gift of cannabis.

[I heard of it in] Colorado – there was a town that did this. They had a great response to this. So I was hoping to do the same thing in Maine.

The idea isn’t a great business model, but it’s helping people and exposing them to this wonderful substance too.

Something that caregivers do all across Maine that very few people know about is that they make huge sacrifices every week to help others live a better quality of life.”

Although geared for marijuana enthusiasts, this is a truly innovative way for residents to become involved within their community. Unfortunately, citizens rarely take to the streets, trying to make their environments a better, more habitable place. This effort allows for the best of both worlds: A clean town, and a satisfying reward.

Now, let’s just hope Meehan partnered with some sort of food service.

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