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Cattle Feed Used to Smuggle Millions of Dollars Worth of Marijuana in India

Guess how these people tried to disguise the cannabis.

Credit: Pixabay

A marijuana bust was caught traveling from East to North India. Millions of dollars worth of marijuana were found to be hidden within cattle feed.

When the police discovered the hidden marijuana, cottonseed was found as a new hiding mechanism which is used to feed cattle. Recently, India has made stricter laws on marijuana.

This has not stopped smugglers, for they are finding more creative ways to store, hide, and supply marijuana to people. For example, fruits, and vegetables are being used to cover cannabis while transporting.

In the Northern area of Haryana, police found 2,233 kgs of marijuana with an estimated worth of $1,504,284. A truck claiming to carry animal fodder was used and bags of cottonseed were used to hide the marijuana products. Because of this, two people by the name of Bhupender Singh and Omji Singh were arrested.

In India, Delhi is found to be the third largest consumer of cannabis products in the world. This makes drugs busts very common in the area.

In the US, possession of marijuana is legal in some states while others have restrictions. See how marijuana may be decriminalized is these countries.

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