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Brain Scan Shows The Effect That Cocaine Can Have On The Brain

This is really scary stuff.

Image from stevepb / Pixabay

The effects, which were discussed publicly by doctors, were taken from a 45-year old men who regularly took cocaine.

The patient was admitted to hospital after his parents grew concerned with his strange behavior and persistent confusion. 

His symptoms turned out to be a result of a rare disorder called ‘cocaine-induced toxic leucoencephalopathy’. 

Doctors were able to diagnose the patient thanks to an MRI scan, which showed that the white matter in the man’s brain had been severely damaged.

The information was released due to a desire by doctors to raise awareness of the possible dangers and side effects of taking the Class A substance.

File:FMRI Brain Scan.jpg
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Terrifying stuff isn’t it?

The condition, though rare, can cause severe disability and in many cases, death. 

Fortunately this was not the case for the patient in question, who has since made a full recovery after receiving extensive treatment using steroids, plasma exchanges and antibodies.

Additionally, the man was sent to rehab and after around 4 months, was permitted to return home due to a remarkable recovery.

The patient has since remained drug free, and subsequent neurological tests have been normal.

Good on him for working so hard on his recovery, that really is fantastic. 

For a similar story, check out this article  about a stash of PsychoTropic drugs found in a Bolivian cave.

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