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You Decide: Wear A Life Jacket And Have A Kill Switch On Your Boat Or Get Ejected At 90kph?

What would you choose?

The internet is full of weird, wonderful and mostly idiotic videos. And today Ladies and Gents, we have an extra stupid one for you. A light reminder that you have a brain in your skull for a reason. 

How to drive a boat and not almost get yourself killed: Boat Edition. Even the most experienced boats-men (yes, I did just make that up) should remember to take safety precautions seriously.

At least, that’s what Hunter Bland and Conner Young will be taking from this experience.

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Pictured above, the two boys are members of the University of Florida Bass Fishing Team who can be seen cruising down a lake at 57mph. However, it doesn’t take long for the cruise to go completely wrong and soon enough, the two fishermen are ejected from their boat. Apparently, the accident was caused by a steering system failure. And it just goes to show that you can never be too sure of the condition of your boat/car.

Luckily, no one was injured in the accident but this is a good reminder that safety should always come first. No matter what.

If you have had any experiences with something like this, or even if you know the proper word for a boat-person, get in touch with us! We’d love to hear from you.

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