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A Guide to Beating The Summer Scaries

Just like the Sunday Scaries, the Summer Scaries are a dreadful time before fall hits.

Woman sitting at table all alone with the sunset behind her.
Get ready to beat that summertime sadness. Credit: Shutterstock/GrooveZ

The Summer Scaries may seem like an unheard topic but it’s an emotion we all feel. In order to beat this feeling it’s important to have a fun and productive summer!

What are the Summer Scaries?

The Summer Scaries are just like the Sunday Scaries, but instead of the impending doom of a new week, it’s the impending doom of a new season.

The Sunday Scaries can also be called the Sunday blues, but overall they are the feelings of anxiety one feels before the start of a new week. It’s normal to feel anxious about what lies ahead. Maybe there is an important meeting or appointment you have to attend. It can even be the thought of having to do the same thing you did last week all over again.

Life can seem repetitive but summer is a time to spice it up. It’s important to be productive during the summer and experience new and fun things so you don’t feel like time is wasted once fall hits.

Fall is an amazing season, my favorite for sure, but it’s when most Gen Z goes back to school and when the time for fun events subsides. The cooler weather hits hard, especially for those of us in the Midwest, and suddenly it’s time to stay inside with a good book.

left side: people having fun at the beach. Right side: woman reading book inside
The quick turnover of the seasons. Credit: Shutterstock/Dmitry Molchanov/Wellstock

So in all, the Summer Scaries are the feelings of anxiety one gets when thinking about everything they must do once fall comes. The workload picks up, tour season ends and frost grazes the grass outside in the early morning. It’s the everlasting feeling that comes with the unexpected.

How to beat the Summer Scaries: The fun way

The main thing is to be productive and have fun. Summer is a time for stress to be set aside so you can enjoy the nice weather.

However, we all have different ideas of fun. It’s important you find your niche when attempting to beat The Summer Scaries.

Here are a few fun ideas to beat them.


crowd enjoying a concert
Anything is fun at a concert. Credit: Shutterstock/Melinda Nagy

Concerts happen all the time and all over during the summer. It is basically a touring season for every artist. Other concerts that happen during different seasons normally require you to get tickets months in advance, but in the summer there is something for everyone.

Summer concerts are one of those things, and if you look around your area, I’m sure you will find one. There is bound to be a festival or small-town fair nearby that will have live music. If you are looking to see a bigger artist that is sold out, GameTime is a wonderful app to find last-minute resell tickets for a good price.

Listening to live music with your friends is great for creating memories. These fun summer memories are what cure the Summer Scaries.

Amusement parks

Amusement parks are another great source of fun memories. Summer is the best time to take a day or two off and travel to your nearest, or favorite, amusement park. Although small-town fairs may have those rickety rides, they count too!

Amusement parks also include arcades which can be loads of fun. If you don’t have time this summer to take a road trip, maybe just hit up your local arcade. Being competitive with friends can create some of the best memories. If you have watched The Summer I Turned Pretty season two, then you know how fun an arcade day can be (no matter how drama-filled).

Beach days

Beach days are a must for summer! Even if you just have one, it’s better than not having any. There is something special about soaking up the sun rays while lying on your favorite beach towel. Beach days are the only requirement for a successful summer, according to my rule book.

The summer blues feel more present when you aren’t outside a ton. The more sun in your life, the better chance of beating them. I strongly recommend playing mermaids while in the water. It doesn’t matter how old you are, this game will forever be something that is meant for everyone. So whether you are more likely to lay in the sun all day or do epic canon balls in the water, have a beach day this summer!

But remember to wear tons of sunscreen, nobody wants to be in pain after an amazing beach day. I promise you can get the perfect summer tan while still protecting your skin. Beach days can be tons of fun, but you must take care of yourself while having them. Drink lots of water, make sure you eat, and again wear sunscreen!

How to beat the Summer Scaries: The productive way

man working on laptop at the beach
Productivity and the summer can mix! Credit: Shutterstock/D’Action Images

While having fun in summer is important, it’s also important to be productive. You have three months to do almost anything, but nothing is free. Being productive in the summer can be anything from cleaning out your closet to working a full-time summer job.


As mentioned above, cleaning is a perfect and simple task that makes you feel productive. You could clean out your closet or do a deep clean of your living space. I previously wrote an article about spring cleaning as a college student and all the ideas listed there are the same for now.

Spring cleaning does not have to strictly apply to the spring.

It’s just a fun name for it. Anytime is great for cleaning your closet, room, and phone. And if I’m being honest, I almost need to do a spring clean for each season! Cleaning just gives the feeling of a fresh start and productivity.


Emma myers standing in front of a crime board
Emma Myers playing Pip in BBC’s A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder. Credit: BBC and Moonage Pictures

Reading is fun and productive. Some people say they haven’t picked up a book since middle school, so now’s the time to do it! With the recent renaissance of readers, there are tons of different types of books to read. And more books are getting tv show and movie adaptions so it’s the perfect time to read the book before watching the show or movie.

One TV show I’m particularly excited about is BBC’s A Good Girls Guide To Murder which is based on the book by Holly Jackson.

The book and show will both follow Pip Fitz-Amobi as she solves her hometown mystery of what happened to Andie Belle. This book is a jaw-dropping and easy read full of drama and great characters, making it a good read for those just starting out.


friends having fun camping in the summer
Work-life balance is extra important in the summer! Credit: Shutterstock/Lucky Business

As boring and time-consuming as it is, I find working to be the thing that makes me feel the most productive during the summer. Even if I didn’t really do anything at my summer job that day; I still woke up and got ready and went somewhere else for eight hours. The paychecks are always a plus too. Working long days and weeks can help you feel more secure in your finances before going back to school in the fall. I know it helps me out.

It’s never fun to talk or stress about money but it’s something that we all deal with. Working a summer job can help take away that stress and give the feeling of productivity. It also makes those fun days even more fun and memorable.

But it is important to have balance. Working all summer without having something to look forward to can be draining and harmful to your mental health. So if you are working this summer, find joy in the little things so it doesn’t feel like you are wasting your life away for some corporate office. And if you love your job, then it’s a win-win!


Summer is supposed to be a time for relaxation and fun, but realistically it’s also full of work. It’s important to take time for your needs and to be productive. Fall is a great time for new beginnings so don’t get too down with your Summer Scaries, get excited! Have some fun and make this the summer of your dreams, no matter how big or small they are.

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Hello! I am currently an english major at Gustavus Adolphus College. I love all things book, movie, and tv show related.

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