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VIDEO: Chicken Nugget Yoga is Now Officially a Thing

You can now try your hand at beer and chicken nugget yoga!

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We all feel conflicted at times between our love for fast food and our desire to get more in shape. So, what if I told you there is actually a way to combine the two?

Chicken nugget yoga. You heard it. The future is officially here. So what does it entail? Chicken nugget yoga is an innovative form of yoga which aims to make exercising enjoyable. Who’d have thought that possible?

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Because lets be real, being in the gym and getting judgmental looks from all the actually-in-shape people? Not fun. Attempting to go for a run and getting out of breath after 2 minutes? Not fun either. Where is the motivation? Well, we’ve now found it, and the motivation is chicken nuggets.

If you’re struggling to picture what precisely this majestic form of exercise looks like, watch this short clip:

The inspiring idea came from ‘Nugget Expert’ Kevin. How does one acquire such a title? I think I finally know what I want to do with my life. Kevin then recounts that it all started the fist time he ever tasted a chicken nugget: ‘It touched me. From inside out.’ The aim is to intertwine the mindfulness of yoga with the pure joy of eating nuggets.

'Love is strong, but chicken nugget is stronger.' - Kevin, chicken nugget expert.
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