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Check Out This $2.68million Bachelor Pad For The Rich And Pretentious

It doesn’t get more ridiculous than this.

Overzealous bachelor pad aspirers need to check out this stellar dream den in Brisbane, Australia. It’s arguably one of the best man caves for bros to hide away, have video game sessions, and for watching all of the Jason Statham movies. For most people this dream pad is nothing more than a fleeting fantasy, but we can always live vicariously through a rich uncle, a wealthy cousin, or some random affluent guy on the internet.

This delicious pad contains six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. Now imagine having a party with that many bathrooms–it’s a blessing and a curse. So many available bathrooms, but that means seven times the amount of puke to clean up in the morning. However the house is filled with beautiful glass walls and marble floors. The garage wall is also made out of glass so your bros can get jealous over your materialistic wealth.

Bachelor Pad.

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To all my fellow bachelor pad aspirers, I recommend you start saving the pennies now. Playing video games and eating pizza on the couch pales before the grandeur of this home and its possibilities.

If you enjoyed reading about something most of us could never afford, check out this article on Putin getting mad at the rich kids of Russia.

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