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Boss Accidentally Turns Herself Into a Potato Over Video Call

We’ve all been couch potatoes lately, but this is next level.

During this rather… tense time, it can be difficult to get a good laugh in.  Thanks to Twitter user @PettyClegg, the internet has found a joke to get us through this.

Many of us undoubtedly have to deal with video conferences and meetings for the time being. From mid-March, major health organisations and countries are recommending a period of quarantine for the general population.  Unless you work for an essential service right now, you probably aren’t leaving your house apart from grocery runs and the like.

Because of these restrictions, certain services have become quite popular, especially Zoom Video, video conferencing software.  From 2019, Zoom has been profitable, but its user base is multiplying rapidly due to work restrictions during Coronavirus.  Currently, Zoom is one of the top performing stocks in NASDAQ.  Another major video conferencing app is Microsoft Teams.  In Italy alone, Teams usage has risen by 775% due to the virus.  However, some new users have trouble with the program.

Some video conference users have fun purposefully changing their backgrounds and filtering their video output during calls.  Doing so accidentally, though, can cause some issues. In a video call for her job over Teams, @PettyClegg, or Rachele, noticed that her boss changed herself to look like a potato.  Her boss didn’t know how to turn the setting off, and ended up stuck as a potato for the remainder of the call. The tweet where she mentioned the incident has garnered over 220,000 retweets and 934,000 likes.  It also includes photographic proof.  

Rachele’s tweet, her boss as a potato with eyes and a mouth.

If you want to entertain yourself, you too can turn yourself into a potato, or switch your video background during virtual class or conference call. Of course, make sure you’re doing so appropriately.  Another Twitter user, @BeeShellll, created a thread for dropping “iconic backgrounds” for use during video calls.  We’re living in strange times, find entertainment where you can.

Header image via Twtter

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