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Theresa May Does The Cringiest Curtsy To Prince William

Theresa May curtsies… strangely.

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Theresa May acts cringy again, what a surprise.

Theresa May visited Prince William in Nottingham recently. This was at a ceremony at the Defense and National Rehabilitation Centre where the Prime Minister greeted the Duke of Cambridge. The centre provides services to service personnel who end up injured, and Prince William happened to be one of 300 attendees at this event.

You can watch the cringe below:


Honestly, what’s wrong with our country if our Prime Minister can’t even curtsy properly?

And of course, what was just a slightly awkward second-long moment became a meme.

Theresa May meme

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Some put forward the argument that focusing too much on her awkward posture isn’t exactly the best idea. The general sentiment is that it distracts from actual issues, like what the hell Brexit means for us, for example.

Maybe it isn’t the most pressing of issues, but hey, if people can find moments of levity – no matter how petty – I don’t think that’s the worst thing ever.

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