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Man Caught for Robbing A Bank and Posing with Photos Online

Man robs bank where he works and proceeds to post photos with the money.

Image From Arlando Henderson / Facebook 

A bank employee has been caught for stealing $88,000 (£66,000) from the bank vault at his constituency.

After this, he supposedly posed and took pictures on via web-based networking media presenting with wads of money. His name is Arlando Henderson and he was captured by the FBI in San Diego, California, and has now been accused of financial institution fraud and other related charges. The Police authority believe that the 29-year-old took more than $88,000 in real money from the vault of Wells Fargo and afterwards used the money to make a down payment on a very nice Mercedes Benz.

As per the claims, Henderson was working at the back and had access to the vault in Charlotte, North Carolina. Therefore it was not difficult to gain access to the desired amount. It has been accused that he may have possibly participated in 18 robberies of this kind in 2019, Henderson took money from deposits made by bank clients from the bank vault, and utilized the cash to pay for individual costs and to make a large upfront instalment on the extravagance vehicle.

Image from Arlando Henderson / Facebook

On various days it’s supposed that he additionally took money from an ATM close to the bank. It is additionally affirmed in the prosecution that Henderson faked reports and made, or made others make, bogus passages in the bank’s books and records to conceal the robbery. It also says that all through July and August 2019, Henderson utilised an online life record to post a few pictures of him holding enormous heaps of money.

Approximately July 2019, after Henderson had purportedly taken more than $70,000 (£52,500) in real money from the bank vault, Henderson made a $20,000 (£15,000) down payment on a 2019 Mercedes-Benz, and got a vehicle advance for the rest of the parity from another budgetary establishment, by giving bogus data and distorted reports, including misrepresented bank articulations. FBI operators captured Henderson in San Diego on 4 December 2019 and charged with two counts of financial institution fraud, 19 counts of theft, embezzlement and misapplication, and twelve counts of making false entries. The maximum penalty for these are 30 years in jail and a $1,000,000 fine, per tally; and value-based illegal tax avoidance, which conveys a punishment of 10 years in jail and a $250,000 fine.

Image from Arlando Henderson / Facebook
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