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Idiot of the Week

Check This Out: Dumbest Answer In Game Show History

Don’t repeat everything you hear.

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It’s okay to go on a game show and not have all of the answers (well, maybe it’s not okay because most likely a lot of money’s at stake). What generally happens is that when one game show contestant gets an answer wrong, their opponent gets a chance to answer, and hopefully, get the question right.

This was not the case for this poor man on The Chase. We’ve all seen game show slip-ups and hilarious mistakes, but this one takes the cake. This contestant gets a chance to answer the question right but turns his opportunity into his own downfall. The true example of getting in your own way.

Check it out:

I hope he turned this into a learning lesson at least. Maybe he’ll pay more attention to his opponent. Remember what they said about keeping your enemies close….

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