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Apparently Fyre Festival’s Billy McFarland Is Hated In Prison Too

Are we really surprised?

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The American fraudster was sentenced to six years in prison last October, after pleading guilty to two counts of fraud.

You’ve probably all heard about Fyre Festival, especially since Netflix dropped a documentary about it at the beginning of the year, called FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened. You should give it a watch, it’s pretty interesting stuff.

Just incase you haven’t though, here’s a quick run down of what happened. Due to take place during April and May of 2017, Fyre Festival was marketed as a luxury music festival set in the heart of the Bahamas. The aim of the festival, founded by Billy McFarland, was to promote a music booking app called, you guessed it, Fyre.

Social media beacons such as Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner were among those who promoted the event, promising it would be the greatest party ever seen.

The festival sold thousands of tickets, but after arriving at the island, festival goers were left (more than a little) disappointed to find that the festival was still seemingly a construction site. There was essentially no adequate accommodation, catering, security, medical services or, uh, music.

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So in essence, festival goers, as well as people living on the island who had invested money into the event, were left out of pocket, while Billy McFarland ran off into the sunset.

Well, not quite. McFarland was later sued for $100 million in damages, alongside another seven lawsuits. He was then arrested and charged with fraud in 2018, pleaded guilty and was then sentenced in October. Oh, and he’s been ordered to forfeit $26 million. What a wild ride.

So, as you’ve probably gathered, McFarland is a bit of a d*ck. Now, a fellow inmate of his at Otisville prison in New York, has confirmed that McFarland remains a prick, and shows absolutely no remorse for his actions. Here’s what the inmate had to say:

He’s a pompous asshole!

Billy thinks that he should not even be there, and he has said that to everyone who wants to listen to him ramble.

He tells people inside Otisville that the islanders and the people purchasing the tickets should have educated themselves more in order to see the writing on the wall.

Of course has has seen the documentaries. He can’t shut up about them.

It seems like McFarland considers himself quite the celebrity. Can you imagine scamming thousands of people out of millions of pounds collectively,, and feeling absolutely no remorse about it? Greed doesn’t even cut it.

I honestly kind of feel sorry for anyone who has to listen to him talking sh*t day in and day out, it would drive you insane. What’s worse, it doesn’t seem like jail is humbling him in the slightest.

For more in the world of festivals, check out this one, which is located on one of the Game of Thrones sets.

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