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WATCH: The Images NASA Picked to Explain Earth to Aliens

Enough to scare anyone away.

Enough to scare anyone away.

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NASA’s Voyager 1 holds the secret of the Earth… 

NASA’s Voyager 1 left the solar system in 2012 to travel to interstellar space. Many of you won’t be aware of this, it holds 116 images meant to tell other species all about our planet.

The images were even selected by a special committee, led by Carl Sagan. They start with the journey from conception to birth. Next, then show a number of human activities such as sports, education, music, farming and fishing. The slideshow of images continues to show construction of houses and cities, contrasting with images of nature. Furthermore, it ends in how science and technology created transport, including transport to space .

Watch what Sagan believes is an accurate representation of Earth.

Did anyone else notice how the video leaves out images of religion, war and conflict? These are all pivotal parts of our society and have shaped the Earth that we are today. Without them, how does this video create an accurate view of our world?

Aliens have a lot to learn if they come visiting Planet Earth!

What else might appear in our future? 

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