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VIDEO: Each Year 50,000 Americans Die To Diseases That Have Vaccines

Just get the vaccinations.

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The 50,000 deaths in America will skyrocket if people buy into the autism-vaccination link. This would take us back to the days of primitive man where shingles and small pox ran rampant. However people can educate themselves on vaccination facts and myths. But if alternative facts prevail then we are doomed. These diseases are terrifying and should never return.

Vaccines are the real MVP when it comes to medicine. Yet some people still believe the side effects outweigh the benefits. Whether you’re a fan or not, all public schools require Hep B and MMR shots.

Vaccination for Diseases. Bing Images.
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Now please do society a favor if you haven’t and just get the vaccinations. You might experience some minor bruising, perhaps a fever, but you end up with a SpongeBob bandage and a lollipop to make it all better.

Lastly, check out this article on how Indiana had the worst HIV outbreak in America.

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