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VIDEO: Kurdish Sniper Haron Fighting ISIS in Kobani

This is war.

This is war.

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War is death. And when war is knocking on your door, you can either surrender or choose to fight back. This is Haron’s story.

Kobani is just one of the Syrian cities invaded and destroyed by the Islamic State. Haron, a Kurdish sniper, explains how he positions and sets himself up in the abandoned homes of the city. He then uses his skills to quickly shoot down his enemies. Even children. Because at times of war, fighting equals survival.

I try to guess the distance between myself and my enemy… A sniper has to be good at math.

Although depressing, Haron’s story is real. This film offers a glimpse into the brutal realities of life in Syria. A life painted with blood and sorrow:

But there is always hope. Haron is fighting for a better world. A world in which children dare to dream.

My dreams are over. But I want a better life for generations to come. The things I’ve been through I wouldn’t wish on anyone. The next generation deserves a better life, especially children. They should speak their own language and live in their own culture.

Some children eat cakes and open presents, while others lie dead on the cold and bloodstained ground. Perhaps we should give peace a chance too.

For more on the atrocities of war and ISIS, check out this!

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