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VIDEO: Hide Yo Kids and Hide Yo Wife From this Detroit Ghetto

Take a tour of the most extreme ghetto in Detroit.

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This ghetto in Detroit, Michigan, is riddled with poverty, abandoned mattresses, and pot heads in the gas stations. Homes are abandoned and windows are boarded up with plywood. And everyone looks like they want to hurt the cameraman.

This ghetto has no chill. Most people wouldn’t dream of leaving their beautiful gated communities and white picket fences to see this. Especially when the drug business is booming in these scary streets. Furthermore, this reminds me of a time a buddy and I got stranded in Jacksonville. We chickened out after a bunch of people started asking me for $5 and I noticed the cashier was behind bullet-proof glass. Scary. Fortunately this guy traversed the ghetto unscathed, minus the popcorn that was thrown at his car.

However some people rise above the American shantytowns. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was born and raised in West Philadelphia, and you certainly don’t see him causing trouble in the neighborhood–anymore.

Not all ghettos are this bad. But if you end up in the middle of nowhere with abandoned homes, boarded windows, and see bullet-proof glass at the gas station, then get the hell out of there.

If you enjoyed watching this cameraman’s adventure through the ghetto, check out these ghetto parents confronting a bully.

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